The Fretless

Juno award winning quartet, The Fretless, is an essential player in the emerging movement mainstreaming traditional folk music. Through their deconstruction and transformation of the usual rhythmic, harmonic and structured arrangements of fiddle styles around the world, The Fretless is pushing traditional music to a new place, and has now issued itself an atypical challenge in the mission to find and convert fans unfamiliar with “progressive” traditional music. The Canadian fiddling foursome is a force on stage–their infectious and playful energy leaving their audience hard-pressed to remain seated.

Starting with its debut album in 2012, the band has steadily racked up recognition and awards, winning Instrumental Album of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards and Instrumental Group of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards; 2014 Canadian Folk Music Award recipients for Ensemble of the Year and Instrumental Album of the Year; and in 2017, the band received their first Juno award for Instrumental Album of the Year. 

4 on stage, 5 traveling


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