Polyphonic singing is one of Georgia’s most treasured traditions, and has been named a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Taking their name from the ancient name for the country of Georgia, Iberia, male choir Iberi embraces every aspect of Georgian life and traditions in their repertoire: liturgical chants and historical ballads; lullabies and working songs; the urban folk songs; and songs sung at grand occasions including the feasts that are intimately entwined with Georgia’s notoriously abundant hospitality, supra

Haunting at times, uplifting and energizing at others, this culturally unique choir delivers a powerful performance that will bring listeners back in time. Georgia is the birthplace of wine, where wine grapes were first gathered, the first supra feasts were held (a tradition that continues today), and where warriors and heroes were exalted in speeches and songs that live on today. Iberi are a magical spectacle on stage, whether performing outdoors in natural surroundings, grand houses of worship, or on intimate performing arts stages.

Outreach activities, vocal and dance workshops, plus traditional supra Georgian feasts available for truly immersive cultural experiences.

6 on stage (including dancer)


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