CMM Chatter Blog 1 – COVID-19

Welcome to the premier Canis Major Music “chatter” post. Instead of celebrating incredible live performances around the globe, all of us in the performing arts industry are grappling with an immediate loss of work, income, and purpose. Venues are forced to close and festivals to cancel. We are faced with self-imposed and mandatory quarantines. We are to engage in the new artform of “social distancing.” I can’t imagine handling all of this without internet access!

Artists are a creative force. It has been incredibly uplifting to see the number of opportunities popping up around the globe to participate in performance through live streaming solutions, in addition to new online offerings for musical or dance instruction, or simply seeing folks unabashedly asking for financial help. This collective resourcefulness will help all of us get through this, and I have to believe we will be stronger on the other side of it all.

In connecting over FaceTime last night with an artist, we agreed to spend only the first 15 minutes talking about the COVID-19 crisis, but then to move on to discuss a post-COVID-19 future–whenever that may land. Admittedly both of us are mega-extroverts and in part just wanted to connect over video chat to interact with another human…but to spend a good long while planning for the return of normalcy was a salve, to say the least. Looking ahead strategically to showcasing opportunities this year and next, targeting specific markets where opportunities for development are potentially highest–simply discussing plans for a successful 2021–turns out this was all truly uplifting. Maybe in another scenario such discussions would feel a bit more hefty, but it actually made us both feel lighter in the joy that comes from focusing on our combined potential.

I will undoubtedly be joining in with others to enjoy livestream concerts in the coming weeks, and will do what I can to help spread news of opportunities among friends and industry connections here and on social media. I’ll make more phone calls rather than sending emails as I seek to connect more meaningfully with colleagues. If you want to share news or events with CMM for posting consideration, please reach out. I wish everyone well-being and a brighter post-COVID-19 future.

Thanks for reading and for helping to make music and art happen in your communities.