Mélisande [électrotrad]

Mélisande and Alexandre “Moulin” de Grosbois-Garand have fused their ethnological music roots and traditional instrumentation with complex electronic programming to create a sonic experience like no other. Mélisande (lead vocals, jaw harp) and Alexandre “Moulin” (flute, vocals, arrangements, programming) are joined by musical collaborators Gabriel Ethier (production, arrangements, programming) and David Boulanger (violin, banjo, vocals).

The success of their first two albums, hailed by critics from home and abroad, has delivered the group to eager audiences in Canada, Australia, France and the United States. Their latest album, Les myriades, was nominated in 2020 for two Independent Music Awards.

Mélisande [électrotrad] cleverly enlivens the songs of their ancestors in a way that invites youth culture to participate in something old made new again. “A creative fusion of tradition and innovation that honors the past while re-interpreting it for the present. If this is the future of folk, we’re in good hands.”- POP MATTERS

4-5 on stage (dancer available), plus sound engineer


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